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Internet is a game changer


Internet is a game changer

Auhor: Ikhwan Labib Habiballah 

           12 MIPA 2

           MAN 1 Kota Bogor

Internet is a game changer. In this modern period, we do everything from the internet, and now it’s more like a necessity to keep in touch with the internet. People might be acting crazy if they find out that they can’t interact with the internet for a reason. It’s accessible via multiple devices, no wonder why we are always connected to it all day long. The Internet itself has been helping us to surf across the world with only one click, and that’s the thing.

 And as a 12th grader, I regard the internet as my virtual best-friend, it sounds funny, but I actually do. we can ask the internet everything and it’ll display the answers to what we’re looking for right off the bat. The Internet can also help us to go beyond the barrier that keeps us far away from the treasure. The Internet can be your super teacher. It can show you how to do math, how to play basketball,  or even, it can teach you how to speak English too. We can learn English from reading articles from Google, social media, or even from playing games that are set in English. Isn’t that amazing?

how about literacy, does it affect literacy?

Speak of literacy, refers to the ability to read and write. And now, we do most of our stuff out of the internet, such as reading news from your tablet, texting your parent with your phone, etc. So thus, we can conclude that the internet has a great influence on the advancement of literacy since it’s always engaged in almost all our activities.

Unconsciously and constantly, you will be improving your literacy and English skills. When you’re reading an article, and then you find some unfamiliar words that make you wondering and apprehensive to keep reading it without knowing the meanings of those words, and eventually, you’ll dive into the internet to get the meanings. In this way, you can be more comfortable advancing your literacy, and slowly but surely it might make you be an avid smart reader.

Nevertheless, it still depends on your main intention and determination why you open the internet. You can’t deny that it can be a hindrance. Playing games and watching too much Netflix won't make your literacy skills any better than if you're actively reading something and persisting in ignoring all temptations.

The internet is very helpful and advantageous, especially during this outbreak going on. We can’t go to school and we are advised to stay at home, the internet could be the perfect way to upgrade our literacy. And also, digital literacy is important now. Our dependence on the internet is skyrocketing in space, therefore parental supervision is highly recommended.


filled with a ton of websites and applications, the internet has always been more attractive to kids than the monotonous book. Capabilities of the internet are bridging the segregated lands, it frees us from the incapabilities of the book.

Books are no longer the only choice to warm up our literacy. For some students, the internet has a big impact on their literacy. They find it as an easier way to advance their ability of writing and reading than do it with the traditional book. With the attractiveness it has, the Internet could prevail as long as it’s not hindered by having zero battery or no service.

What can I do with the internet? And what the internet can do with me?

Nowadays, we don’t have to go out to order some food, get a taxi, make new friends with strangers, and with the internet, we don’t even have to go to Los Angeles to make a conversation with a native English speaker, all those cool things are easy to do on the internet. Your thumbs are going to lead you to which place you want to go, or which food you want to eat. The enormous opportunities that the internet has, are more than enough to help you achieve your biggest dream. Even for those who are not socially active, it can be a means to realize the things that have been called impossible.